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Pool beer pong table for the perfect pool party

If you are having a pool party and like alcohol then this floating, swimming pool beer pong table is just the thing. Just like the regular beer pong, it gets you drunk which is the main objective and drinking game, but being a pool pong table means that you can do it in your boardies and bikinis. Much more fun, when it’s blistering hot and all you want to do is party in the pool.

  • Built in cooler for plenty of booze
  • 3 in 1: Pool Pong table, Floating beer holding table, and Floating Lounge
  • Comes with 6 Pong Balls and a Retail Box
  • 6ft Long x 3ft wide with 10 cup beer pong
  • Cooler Holds up to 18 beers with ice

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Pool Beer Pong is usually played by teams of 2 with each team taking turns to throw a ping pong ball into the opposing team’s cups, which are filled with booze. When a ball lands in one of these booze filled cups, the cup is removed from the game and the opponent down the booze in the cup. The winning pool beer pong team is the one who hits all of the opponent’s cups leaving drunk loosers. Winners can finish off their booze too as they like whilst they celebrat being the winners. As with a regular game of pool, it’s usually a case of winner stays on.

Repeat until people are so drunk they can no longer play or someone pee’s in the pool and you all get tossed out by the owner. Party on with the pool beer pong table challenge.