sexy nerd costume

    $32.95 I WANT IT buy @ adam&eve Sexy nerds costume because geeks can be sexy too. The Sexy nerd (Techie IT Support) Costume will be a real hit with the geeks at your next IT office party! In case the geeks get sidetracked by your outfits revealing...

Sex Panther cologne

    $33.00 I WANT IT buy @ amazon Sex Panther cologne – pure class people If you are an Anchorman fan you may well love this Sex Panther cologne. If not you may find it tacky and offensive. That nasty animalistic scent of a raging beast is sure to turn...

Sex dice game

  $5.09 I WANT IT Adults only sex dice game. One die describes a body part and the other die describes an action. Massage Boobs…OK.

Sure Fuck cologne

  $24.00 I WANT IT This cologn doesnt come with any guarantees, but it’s gotta be worth a try if you’ve lost your mojo. Sure Fuck…yes, it really exists.

Worlds best anal rapist

  $15.00 I WANT IT buy @ etsy If you are wondering, It’s a joke from the TV show Arrested Development. Tobias, was an analyst and a therapist, so he made up business cards combining the two, saying he was “the world’s best analrapist” (see...