On-land sailing

  $899.95 I WANT IT Love sailing, but live in the desert? This cool on-land sailing craft is a three-wheeled bundle of fun. Harnesses the wind’s power for speeds up to 25 mph, and you don’t even need a life jacket. Easy to assemble and easy to ride....

Liquid Image snow goggles

  $299.99 I WANT IT Record your winter fun with these cool goggles with built in camera. Then when you crash into a tree send it into one of those funny home video programs and pay off the goggles with your winnings.

iPhone plunger thingy

  $2.49 I WANT IT Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make us happy and this thing is really simple. Plunger it onto your phone and stand it up. Easy and o so useful.

Go Pro Hero 3

  $399.99 I WANT IT The Go Pro series of action cameras are renowned for being the very best you can get, and this little puppy is the best yet. It’s shockproof and waterproof to 60m so it can handle any action sport you can put it through. Smaller,...