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Underwater mp3 without using earbuds

This underwater mp3 plays high quality music thru the actual water without the use of annoying and fault prone ear buds. The underwater earphones technology uses bone conduction audio transmission to send crisp audio through the users cheekbone directly into the inner ear. It comes with 4GB of storage for your music library, so as you swim you can listen to music, audio books and podcasts. The earphones come in a 3 piece design with 2 side speakers and a high contrast OLED screen that fits snugly on the rear of the head. The OLED screen displays the current song, artist and play status.

  • The best underwater MP3
  • High Contrast OLED Screen
  • Hydrodynamic Clips
  • Rechargeable 8 hour Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Compatible with iTunes
  • 4GB of Storage 1000 songs/60 hrs. of playback