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Hot tub boat for a party on the lake

An electric boat with a hot tub built into its deck. Genius…

Built in Seattle, WA by a specialist marine carpenter ,it has a Vinylester hull with a slatted deck hand made from African teak for a touch of class.

The hot tub is 8′ L x 4′ W x 24″ D and is perfectly positioned on the boat’s center of buoyancy, giving great stability. The draft is only 20″, even when fully loaded with  2,100 lbs. of water and six adult bathers. It’s pretty rock solid so there won’t be any tip overs!

The diesel boiler heats the hot tub water to a maximum 104° F. There is a waterproof stereo system that plays music from your Iphone into the two 50-watt speakers that pop-up from the deck. 4 coolers built into the deck provide room for as much beer as you can comfortably drink in 1 hot tub seshion! A teak swim platform allows easy entry in and out, provided you are not too drunk.

The 24-volt electric motor propels the boat up to 5 mph on calm water, steered with a joystick. Just like playing computer games.  Its rechargeable battery bank provides up to 10 hours of power from an overnight charge using its built-in Smart Plug shore power connection and on-board chargers. Includes hot tub cover. Special conditions and guarantee limitations apply.  Boat: 16′ length overall x 6’3″ beam. (Dry Weight 1,200 lbs.)