window bird house




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watch birds nest with the window bird house

Attach the birdhouse to the glass of your window and watch birds build a nest and raise a family right in front of you. The 2 suckers attach the birdhouse onto your window for a prime time view right into the birds house. No more peeking thru the tiny entry hole to see if they have built a nest, or had some chicks. Just look straight in…If you love birds then this i better than TV.

Handcrafted by Duncraft the poly-lumber looks like wood and has a wood-grain finish but it is in fact durable, recycled plastic, that lasts for years. It is also more hygienic than wood, as it won’t harbor any parasites.

Attaches to your window with two strong suction cups. Attracts small birds such as chickadees, nuthatches, titmice and wrens. Entry hole is 1-1/2 inches, house is 6 x 9 x 7 inches deep.