Nostalgic Edison Squirrel Cage-style Bulb




Light-bulbs are a bit “blah”, so if you have a stylish lampshade why not get a stylish light-bulb to light it up?!

This handcrafted, vintage bulb is the perfect addition to any antique lighting fixture. Inspired by Thomas Edison’s original creation, the Nostalgic Collection offers unparalleled aesthetic appeal with an antique finish, defined steeple and intricate filament design.

This 40-watt Edison Squirrel Cage-style light bulb is great for chandeliers, sconces, and outdoor lighting. It fits into medium (E26) bases, lights up to a brightness of 135 lumens, and has a typical bulb life of 3,000 hours. This version comes as a single bulb, but it’s also available in a package of six.

  • Quad Loop available in 25W and 40W
  • Historic lamps add the ideal finishing touch of authenticity to fixtures
  • Nostalgic bulbs available in Chandelier and Edison-style
  • Great for chandeliers, sconces, and outdoor lighting
  • Wattages are not indicative of light output