wireless flash for iPhone



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Wireless flash for iPhone and Android for professional looking pictures.

This wireless flash for your iPhone (or Android) works via low energy Bluetooth and a free app to sync the wireless flash to go off just when you need it. You already have the iPhone selfie remote control and now with this you a practically a pro. iPhone photos just got a whole lot better.
  • Wireless off-camera flash for amazing iPhone photos
  • Brilliantly lit beautiful photos just as you remember them. Nova adds soft, natural light so your photos are rich with color
  • Soft, ambient illumination from 40 points of diffused light. Nova’s light is gently diffused behind a white panel and is gentle on the eyes
  • Mix cool and warm light to set the mood
  • Slimmer than your iPhone and the shape of a credit card, Nova is small enough to fit in your wallet, ready to capture the moment whenever you need it.