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Wifi light switches to remote control your home lighting

The Belkin range of WiFi enabled light switches (also available as WiFi controlled sockets) allows you to easily set up a home lighting system (or an electronics) that is controlled from your iPhone or iPad. Once the switches are installed you can use your iPhone/iPad to trun everything on and off from one easy to use free app. Lighting for the lazy person who loves gadgets.

  • Turn electronics on or off -from anywhere.
  • WeMo is compatible with your existing Wi-Fi router and any¬†Android smartphone, Android tablet, iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad¬†– iOS 5 or higher.
  • Put your electronic devices on a schedule.
  • Modular system, so you can add more WeMo WiFi switches as needed
  • Quick and easy installation and easy to use

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With almost everyone having an iPad or iPhone at hand, these device controlled wifi switches and sockets by Belkin are a great addition to any modern home. Control what goes on when and do it without having to get up or do anything but tap a few buttons on your iPad app.

You can easily set up schedules for attached lights and electronics once they are part of the modular system so you have a fully automated home electronic system. Things will turn on just when you want them, every time. You can even use the intelligent app to turn lights on at sunrise and sunset, with times automatically updated with the seasons by the app itself.

And if you are wondering if these light switches only work with WiFi, no, you can still do it the old fashioned way and use your finger to activate the switch. Best of both worlds, and with the subtle back lighting the switches are easy to find in the dark too.

combine with the iPad shower curtain and control your home from the shower!