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Solar powered backpack for power on the go

This backpack is an ideal travel accessory to keep your electronics charged when travelling around. Charge your phone, laptop or any electronic device that is short of power without having to find a power outlet. Be it on a deserted beach or a trek in the jungle, you can keep powered and carry stuff too!

  • 1 hour of direct sunlight will give up to 30 minutes of power for your laptop, or 1 1/2 hours of sunlight is enough to fully juice up an iphone.
  • Ideal for solar charging laptops,iPad, mobile phones, iPods/mp3 players, iPhone, smartphones/PDAs, portable gaming devices, GPS units, digital cameras, Bluetooth headsets and more
  • Includes a 16,000 mAh / 60 Watt Hour battery that can power most laptops, tablets, smartphones and digital cameras. Features two output ports: a hi-Voltage port for laptops and a USB port for phones and iPads. The battery can be charged using the included AC charger or optional 18 Volt solar panel
  • A total of Three 3.4 Watt 6Volt Solar Panels will provide you with a total of 10 watts of charging power
  • Solar charging section zips off and can be attached to another bag, bike rack, etc. with the included straps and clips

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The solar powered backpack can be a real handy piece of kit. Not only does it carry all your things like your normal backpack, but the inbuilt solar panels allow you to recharge almost any electrical devices you may need whilst you are out and away from a power outlet. Ever trekked thru the countryside to a viewpoint only to find your camera is out of batteries? Never again with the solar powered backpack. Keep your phone charged so it is always available in emergencies when out on the road.