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Holga 144120 plastic camera

iPhone cameras are handy and all, but the Holga 144120 plastic body camera is an all time classic and something any camera geek would love for xmas.

Take pictures like a 1980’s Chinaman.

  • Takes 120 medium format film
  • 2 film masks for either 12 – 6×6 cm photos or 16- 6×4.5cm photos
  • Normal shutter setting 1/100 of a second plus bulb shutter setting
  • 2x aperture settings, f/11 for sun and f/8 for clouds
  • Hot shoe adapter
  • Standard Tripod Mount
  • Lens cap and strap

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The black plastic Holga camera was first introduced to the camera hungry Chinese public in 1982 and functioned as an affordable camera for the masses. Soon after it was launched, it made itself an underground artistic classic.  Break away from technology and bring back the romance of manual photography. The Holga has a unique softness to it’s images, with vignetting and a bit of random light leakage you get a truly unique image every time.

The Holga 120N is modeled after the original Holga that was 1st released in 1982 and keeps many of the original features that made this a crowd favourite.  So throw away the iPhone and clunky DSLR and get back to basics with your photography.[/accordion]