Sony DEV-50V/B Digital recording Binoculars (Black)




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Digital recording binoculars

The stuff of dreams for any aspiring peeping tom. DSLR + video recorder + binoculars = digital recording binoculars

The digital binoculars from Sony allow you to record what (or who) you see (or spy on). See and record your viewing pleasures with the Sony DEV-50. Unlike any normal optical binoculars, these amazing weather-proof digital recording binoculars offer full autofocus allowing tracking of fast moving subjects, an awesome zoom range for great up close action and incredible low light performance via 2 OLED XGA viewfinders.

  • Seamless zoom from 0.8x to as high as 25x binocular magnification High resolution, high contrast OLED finder for sharp images even in low light Compact, lightweight body in ruggedized dustproof/rainproof for outdoor use
  • Optical Steady Shot image stabilization with Active mode minimizes blur Quickly capture and follow the subject, with autofocus Hyper Gain further enhances low-light visibility
  • By Pixel Super Resolution for superior still image quality Double Full HD and 3D movie recording HDMI terminal for viewing on HDTVs

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Amazing digital binoculars for creepy peeping toms, train/plane/bird spotters, sports fans or anyone who wants to record up close and personal action from the safety of their far away bunker.

If you have always wanted a pair of binoculars with zoom capabilities that also allow for digital recording of video and still images, these are the top of the line. Don’t drag around your binoculars, a DSLR and a video recorder when you can have all 3 in one with this cool little gadget.

The DEV-50 is a pair of camcorders in a single case. and looks just like a fancy pair of binoculars. Then you see the array of buttons which suggest there is much more to this than a normal pair of optical binoculars. It has an image stabilizer and zoom, as well as autofocus, which is not something you will ever see on a regular pair of binoculars.

The binoculars allow for 3 different modes: 2D photo, 2D video and 3D video. The DEV-50 has a GPS that is used to put location information into the photos and videos and allows you to view time and currently triangulated latitude and longitude on the screen.

All up these are a pretty awesome pair of digital recording binoculars so grab a pair and start snooping and recording whatever takes your fancy.