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4moms origami stroller.

The amazing 4moms origami stroller, (amongst other things) folds itself away at the touch of a button, and no, it won’t close if your baby is still sleeping in it… The origami stroller is the worlds 1st electric powered auto folding baby stroller. At the touch of a cool-blue-spaceship-style button, it quickly and effortlessly folds and unfolds itself.

The built in generators, hidden in the rear wheels, mean that the origami charges itself, your cellphone and nifty LCD screen that displays things like miles walked and what the temperature is.

The origami has daytime running lights just like your BMW, path lights for when you get home late, and more importantly, sensors to detect when your baby is in the seat so she doesn’t get folded into the chair. This is the stroller every new mum want to be seen with…get one now or forever have stroller envy down the local park.

Not only does it look cool but it also has;

    • Power-folding
    • Built-in generator
    • LCD Dashboard
    • One-push brake
    • Reflective pipingFour cup holders
    • Reclining seat
    • Zero pinch points
    • Lots of storage
    • No kick zone
    • Four-wheel suspension
    • No disassembly required
    • Luggage-style pull wheels
    • Daytime running lights
    • USB charging cable accessory
    • Low-force motor
    • Child safety sensor
    • Sunroof
    • Manual override
    • Pathway lights